Daan Lambert
General member

Daan is a guy and in his second year of his AI bachelor. He is an active Cover member and is also a committee member of the SportTee. He also is the redhead of the IntroCee. We still have our souls, so do not hesitate to approach him at the IntroCamp! Instead of feeding himself with souls, he likes to cook. If you ever want to taste the best sushi in your life, go to Daan. He is like the best sushi masterchef we know of. He is looking forward to meeting y’all!


Stijn Kramer
General member

Stijn is the current Treasurer of Cover. This means he has a lot to do, but he is always happy to have a chat. He already spend two years studying AI before becoming a member of the board. Stijn likes hardware and talking about computer components. He travels all over, mostly by train, sparingly by NS-replacement bus and on a rare occasion by helicopter. He can often be found going out, and enjoying a drink in the city. If he isn't busy with work for the board or getting board points, he likes doing absolutely nothing. He is very good at this. He absolutely adores beard scratches, so don't be afraid to go up to him and give his beard a scratch, no matter how annoyed he looks.


Carynna de Zilva
General member

Carynna is a first year student from Singapore. She is an enthousiastic girl, and just as Oscar trying to learn some Dutch words. Ofcourse as fellow committee members we couldn't help ourselves and tried to teach her some inappropriate words which we translated incorrectly. So far she could see right through our little play.


Oscar Bocking
General member

Oscar is a second year AI student from the UK. He is one of the last members to join the IntroCee, but that doesn't make him the least. At the moment he is trying to learn some dutch, and is always trying to learn new words. Maybe you can learn him some new words in your free time?