Hi, welcome to Groningen!

We would like to announce that the intro period is (finally) finalised. Below you can find the schedule for the introduction week. All individual activities will also have a calendar point on cover's website where you can sign up.


Monday 31-08: Intro talks


We will start the week with an intro talk by Cover's candidate board. They will tell you all about your studies and about Cover.

Wednesday 02-09: Cover Radio


We’re starting off the week with a chill online activity! Candidate Board XXIX will introduce themselves, talk about the ins and outs of studying in Groningen, and of course play some great songs. Interested in what their favorite spots in town are, or what their first year was like? Tune in on the Cover Discord server to listen to some sweet tunes and fun stories!

Join the Discord Server.

Thursday 03-09: Pub Quiz


What better way to learn more about the city, Cover, and your upcoming studies than through a little competition? Put together a team of brainiacs or play along alone! Our quiz master will present a series of questions that will challenge your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Let’s quiz away!

Friday 04-09: Minecraft Tournament


To start off the weekend, the LCDee is hosting an online Minecraft tournament! This classic game has stood the test of time with its limitless ways of play and minigames. We will be using the Discord server to communicate. Grab your gear, and may the best Steve (or Alex) win.

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Saturday 05-09: Games at the Park


After learning more about the many facets of studying AI/CS in Groningen online, it’s finally time to meet your fellow students in real life! To get to know each other, we will be hanging out at the park and play some fun games. We will also provide some snacks, soda, and plenty of disinfection.

Since this activity takes place in person, there is a capacity of 140 people divided over 2 shifts. In the sign-up form, you can select your preferred shift. We will try to put everyone in their preferred shift, this is not a guarantee however.

  • Shift 1: 12:00 - 14:30
  • Shift 2: 15:00 - 17:30

  • NB: there is no bathroom on site.

    You can sign up here.