Hi, we are the IntroCee!

Photo of the IntroCee sitting on bean bags

Hi, we’re the IntroCee!

As Cover’s Introduction Committee, we’re responsible for organising the IntroCamp and Cover’s part of the Kick-off Week. Over the past few months, we have worked long and hard to prepare the best games and activities and compile an awesome programme for your introduction period. We hope you’ll have the wildest time getting to know your fellow students. It’s gonna be ZOOper!

Martijn Luinstra


Martijn is our lovely chair, with more experience than all of us combined. He is the perfect person to lead this “lovely” committee. Martijn is known for his fabulous cooking, and he always starts the the IntroCee meeting with a main dish of tangents. Ambitious as a lion, but soft as a pink little elephant. Perfect in every way, there’s no better chair our committee could ever wish.

Photo of Martijn
Wait let me finish this story…

Leo Zotos


Although the quiet, Leo is the firecracker of the committee. Leo always makes sure everyone has enough to drink, even laptops do not escape his rule. Although Leo is the silent typist of the bunch, whenever actual words come out of his mouth, he blows us away. Get on Leo’s wrong side, and you will have to suffer through a mean expression for the rest of the hour.

Photo of Leo

Janco van der Molen


Finally after ExCee, Janco started devoting time to us. We feel more special now. Janco has realised he can’t chug a beer faster then Jens and hasn’t been himself ever since. That’s a fact. Janco takes care that the beer is cold and is Martijn’s OG bierfoet. Janco was able to not drink or smoke for one month, and then horribly failed to continue this. Janco also always orders our food, making sure we’re always fed, fat and happy. Thanks to him our money always has been put to somewhat good use.

Photo of Janco
I can rewrite Jens’s piece every night

Sneha Lodha

General Member

sneɪˈhɑː listen

With her roots in Madagscar, she is defnitely the wildest member of our committee. Similiar to Achilles, she has a “Sneha’s Knee”. Although it might seem that is her only weakness, her tolerance to alcohol might also surprise you.

Photo of Sneha
It’s too big for me to finish, I can’t suck on this

Jens Hartsuiker

“Ik ben geen bierfoet!”

If Jens has not left the committee (for the 50th time), feel welcome to talk to him during the camp. After being Feline’s (last year’s vice chair) personal bitch during his first IntroCamp, he decided to join the IntroCee this year to reverse the roles. Will he succeed or not? That’s for you to find out. We can only tell that Jens is like a coconut, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. He will keep up appearances, until the moment he crashes on his own couch.

Photo of Jens
I wanna be a bad boy